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- John F.

I love working with Candice and I love the diet! Before starting the Pancreatic Nutritional Program, I ate all day. There was no structure to my eating. The PNP gave me definition. I now have three meals a day and I love the way I'm eating. I haven't been perfect. I still have some sugar, some alcohol and cream in the occasional cup of coffee. However, I do so now in moderation and I'm still losing weight even though I haven't been totally strict on the program. I have given up most meat. Eliminating a good portion of the animal products in my diet has made me feel really great. After 12 weeks on the PNP, my blood work improved significantly. My triglycerides and overall cholesterol went down quite a bit. I lost 23 lbs and I've signed up for another 12 weeks in order to lose 10 - 15 more. Prior to meeting with Candice, I had recently developed chin acne and was about to see a dermatologist about getting a prescription to clear it up. Candice asked me to hold off and see if the diet she was advocating would have a positive effect. Well, my skin looks so much better after 12 weeks on the PNP. It looks much younger and clearer. Friends and family notice, too. I am very grateful for the PNP, for Candice's counseling and the change both have made in my life.

- K.S.

I followed the Pancreatic Nutritional Program one year ago. I was 45lbs overweight with high blood pressure, a cholesterol problem and type 2 diabetes. I took off 35lbs in the eight week period and continued with another 20 over the year. At a checkup in April my cholesterol was way down, I was taken off the blood pressure medication and the Metformin for diabetes.

The weight has stayed off. The eating pattern becomes a way of life. My sugar levels are rarely above 100.

I do test every morning. I will also, at this point, eat whatever I want when out or at a party and try to keep it in line the next day. This diet changed my life. I think it is successful because of the immediate reinforcement of testing...You are in charge of what goes in your mouth and you can see the result immediately.
- Sally P.

I followed Candice Rosen's weight loss plan and lost 20 pounds in six weeks! I didn't find it very difficult, just a little discipline and boy, do those pounds fall off. It becomes a way of eating rather than a diet.
- Yale S.

Candice Rosen and The Pancreatic Oath changed my life.....After doing the PNP for eight weeks I felt 10 years younger...I had so much energy and felt wonderful..........I lost 15 pounds in the eight weeks................This is the only way to live...........I highly recommend it to everyone.
- Gina B.


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