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Thou Shall Protect the Pancreas for Health and Weight Loss: An Interview with Candice Rosen

8/23/11 — See Candice on Diets in discuss The Pancreatic Oath and Self-Health with Managing Editor, Brandi Koskie.
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In Case You Missed It…The Pancreatic Oath Author Candice Rosen on Dr. Fitness & The Fat Guy

8/23/11 — Candice had a wonderful time speaking with Dr. Adam Shafran and Lee Kantor about the principles of the PNP.
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The Pancreatic Oath Featured on Diets in

8/16/11 — Check out this excellent overview of The Pancreatic Oath and the PNP on the renown
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Candice P. Rosen named as one of 90+ Notable Alumni in honor of  University of St. Francis' 90th Anniversary

8/2/11 — Candice received a Bachelor of Science in Health Arts from St. Francis in 1988.

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Press Release for The Pancreatic Oath

NEW YORK, July 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- There is no such thing as a "one size fits all diet."  The key to true, long-term weight loss is a sustainable, customized self-health program that produces measurable results.  After years of great success with her groundbreaking Pancreatic Nutritional Program (PNP), registered nurse, social worker and certified health counselor Candice P. Rosen shares her powerful plan of action in THE PANCREATIC OATH (August 16, 2011).

Also known as "The Data-Driven Diet," THE PANCREATIC OATH provides a measurable, common sense approach to improved health and weight loss.  

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Interview with Melissa Rosen

2/2/11 — Those of us that are not located in the Los Angeles area may not be familiar with Locali. But perhaps we will be soon. Locali has made it their mission to supply their clients with convenience peppered with ethics. At Locali you can get anything from a sandwich to a great cup of coffee. The difference is that anything you pick up there will be sustainably sourced and eco friendly.

It is no surprise that Locali has such a great following on Twitter. Melissa Rosen, Founder and Co-Owner of Locali Conscious Convenience is the person behind Locali’s Twitter account. Her tweets strengthen Locali’s bond with the community, educate and make me laugh at times. Melissa took some time to answer some of our questions on the social media giant that is Twitter and gave some advice on what new restaurants should do when working on their Twitter account.

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Mayor Richard M. Daley Announces Appointment of Candice Rosen as Healthcare Committee Chair at Chicago Sister Cities International

11/5/10 — Mayor Richard M. Daley recently announced the appointment of Candice Rosen as the Chair of the Healthcare Committee at Chicago Sister Cities International.

Candice Rosen is President and CEO of Candice Rosen Health Counseling and founder of the Pancreatic Nutritional Program. Her primary areas of interest include global issues related to maternal/child health, prevention, accessibility, diabetes and cancer.

Ms. Rosen looks forward to fostering productive exchanges between Chicago and its 28 sister cities.

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